The Haunting of Hadley Hall

Guest numbers have been declining at the historic former stately home due to an increase of reports of paranormal activity. Use ghost hunting tools, solve clues and interact with the ghostly inhabitants of a series of haunted rooms to find out why.

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The Haunting of Hadley Hall

1+   30 to 60 minutes   Moderate

The imposing Hadley Hall is a stately home in the small village of Ringwood on the edge of the Medway Forest. Built in 1898 for first baron and member of parliament William Hadley and his family, the grand former home has a sinister reputation. Having lost his two sons during the First World War, the hall was passed on after Hadley's death to his granddaughter, who lived there until she vanished without a trace in September 1942.

The hall was used during the Second World War as a secret regional communications hub, but is now a luxury hotel and wedding venue, famous for its restaurant since chef Mark Ryder pulled it back from the brink of closure after earning the hall a Michelin star in 2011, but ever since guest numbers have been declining due to an increase of reports of paranormal activity.

The hotel's manager, Ben Emerson, has called you and your team of ghost hunters in to get to the bottom of the haunting. With the hotel cleared of guests, you will by yourselves locked down in the Hadley Hall for one night. Use ghost hunting tools, solve clues and interact with the ghostly inhabitants of a series of haunted rooms.

With forgotten secrets, devious plots and lingering negativity, The Haunting of Hadley Hall is one ghost hunt you will never forget.


You'll be taken into each room through a photograph. We all know that a picture can tell a thousand words, but our pictures can tell you much more. Lookout for clues hidden within the image as well as movement and animation.

Be sure to read the whole page. The key elements of the story can be found in the text below each image, plus vital clues. You'll also find supporting images that are essential to your quest further down the page.

In most rooms you'll answer using your device's keyboard, but don't worry too much about formatting. Nothing is case sensitive, punctuation is ignored and if we're looking for a code of a certain length it'll be really clear.

Make sure your speakers are turned up. Most rooms have their own ambient soundtrack to add to the mood, but some rooms have essential clues in the form of audio, this could be anything from screams to creepy knocks.

In some rooms rather than typing your answer, you'll be asked to say your answer out loud as you call out to the spirits of that room. So make sure you give us permission to user your microphone, if not you'll be able to type your answer instead.

If you get stuck on one of the puzzles, help is at hand. You can ask for a hint at any point in the game which should give you the nudge you need to get you going again. If you still can't find the solution and want to move on to the next challenge, you can reveal the answer.

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